While our primary focus for many of our clients begins with Medicare Insurance, there are three other vital insurance products that most everyone should consider:

Long Term Care Insurance

Getting older is something that none of us can avoid. We do not feal the risk that is coming with aging until it is thrust upon us in the form of an injury or illness, and then it is often too late to qualify for an insurance policy. Long Term Care Insurance is what many of us need as we get older or seriously injured and find ourselves unable to perform 2 out of 6 activities of daily living. When this occurs, the question often becomes, who will take care of me and how much will it cost. Long Term Care insurance will pay for many forms of service such as Home Care (this will allow you to stay at home as long as possible), but also includes Adult Day Care, Assisted Living and even Nursing Home Care when your health situation requires extended care and supervision.

Because of modern-day advances in science and medicine, many of us are living longer and in-fact are outliving our partners and our savings. Women (Mothers and Daughters) are often the primary caregivers and the family assets are often depleted while paying for our partners care and services. Because of this, a woman’s financial options for the future are often limited and sometimes eliminated. Simply put, a Long Term Care Insurance policy can help to preserve your assets and independence and relieve you of the task of becoming the primary caregiver. Our goal is to help you design an affordable and effective policy for your future, for you and your partner.

Check out these articles that will help to inform you about the risk you may face in the future!

Life Insurance

Life Insurance speaks for itself. It is a great way of helping and supporting those who we leave behind, especially when we suddenly and unexpectedly pass away. Imagine the financial and emotional devastation to those who have just lost a loved-one, as they try to make sense of it all while wrestling with how to replace the missing income and cover the new immediate expenses experienced due to your passing.

There are many types of Life Insurance, and many ways that a policy can be structured to fit your personal needs; but just like Long Term Care Insurance, it also requires reasonably good health to be considered insurable for a low-cost policy. We even have the option to include Long Term Care and Final Care benefits on some plans. Let us help you design a policy that fits your family needs and your personal budget.

Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance is intended to cover those expenses incurred at the time of your passing. While a standard Life Insurance policy may help pay these costs also, a Final Expense Insurance policy is often purchased by someone in their senior years, with the explicit intention of covering all their passing final expenses. If you are concerned about who will be burdened to pay these costs; this is a great solution. There are several plan options that we can help you design to be affordable and effective.

My husband and I met Richard and Lydia when I retired at one of their Medicare seminars. I needed clarification of the plans they discussed so we scheduled an in home visit. Richard was very professional and informative. Subsequently, after we enrolled in Medicare I have communicated with both he and Lydia regarding other questions. I find both of them to be personable, patient, willing to answer any questions we had and they always make sure that we understood the plan. I can call them anytime and I know that they will return my call (if not available) and they always make sure that answer(s) they give is satisfactory to us.

- Myrtle

I can’t say enough about Richard Zappasodi and the outstanding care and time he took with me when choosing the appropriate Medicare plans to fit my needs, both medically and financial. I contacted several agents when looking for a representative and fortunately, I picked Richard. I had no clue about Medicare or what any of this meant. He patiently explained everything in a way I understood and was there for me through the entire process. Based on his level of service I felt like I was his most important customer. No question was too small or technical need to minor. He ALWAYS got right back to me and was patient beyond belief. I know quality service and I assure you that is exactly what Richard Zappasodi will provide to you.

- Ellen

Richard A. and Lydia Zappasodi have been our health care specialists for the past eleven (11) years and we could not have a better team representing us. Whenever we have a question, an issue or in need of guidance they are extremely helpful. We have recommended this team to family, friends or whomever is in need of health insurance guidance with both Sue and I highly suggesting they speak to The ZAPPASODI TEAM!!!

- James K. and Susan T.

Dealing with any kind of insurance is always a stressful time. It takes special agents such as Lydia and Richard to make the process seem simple. I am always confident that whenever I request information from them I know it is credible. Lydia and Richard Z are real professionals and I highly recommend them.

- Tony

Ms. Lydia Zappasodi is extremely knowledgeable with a delightful personality. She explains intricacies per my health coverage in an understandable and caring way. My wife and I always look forward to her annual home visits. Moreover, in my 32 years of professional work, she ranks at the zenith for both her acumen and personal touch with her clients.

- Richard

We had just become of age for medicare and were fortunate to find Lydia Zappasodi. Lydia came to our home and explained the options for medicare coverage and supplemental plans. In one appointment, she called Social Security for our medicare enrollment and United Healthcare for the Supplemental Plan F. We have retained our same coverage for a number of years and have been very satisfied. I have a younger brother who was also trying to determine his medicare options and Lydia was able to put him in touch with one of her counterparts in another state.

We have had occasion to call Lydia once or twice over the years with a question about our coverage and she has been very responsive. We strongly recommend Lydia.

- John

I have been so fortunate to have Lydia patiently explain Medicare and United Health Care to me. She made the transition to retirement painless. Thanks for all of your help Lydia.

- Kenyan

My husband and I were fortunate enough to work with both Richard and Lydia to help us through the process of registering for Medicare and choosing supplemental plans. They were patient and thorough and helped us select plans that were the best choice for both of us. What really impressed us was that we called them several times with questions after we were enrolled, and they always responded in a timely manner. It was such a great experience that I referred my best friend to them. They are so well versed and knowledgeable about this daunting process.

- Randy and Nancy C.

Lydia has been very helpful from helping me enroll in Medicare and United Medicare
Advantage . She is very thorough in explaining all the different insurance plans and returns our phone calls promptly. My husband and l would highly recommend Lydia and Richard,they are a pleasure to work with. 

—Jeanette Oswald

Lydia has always steered me in the right direction for many years. She feels like an old friend. Glad to have her on my team.

—Maxine Goldman

They are very patient going over the different options of the United Healthcare plans so I felt very comfortable signing up with them. This is my second year signing up with them.

—Bob Rice

Richard has always provided me with excellent service. He is very responsive and answers questions promptly. What he does not know he gets the answers ASAP. Much appreciated.

—Bruce Wexler

The team at LTC took the time to go over the options for health insurance coverage on Medicare. They also were familiar with various medications that might be prescribed.

—Alex Sacharoff

Recently I enrolled in a Medicare plan with the assistance of Richard Zappasodi.  From my first contact, I could tell that he was very knowledgeable about all the Medicare options and was willing to answer all my questions.   There was no pressure to buy and when I was ready to enroll, he met with me and made the process easy.  Richard assured me that he would be my personal representative for the life of my plan and at no cost to me and I like that. 

—Steve H

Turning 60 milestones reached!! I feel Blessed.  Thank you for all that you do for your clients and the excellent United Health Care Insurance Policies that create zero worries and concerns about our Healthcare. Have a wonderful Spring Season!   

—Maria S

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